We are a friendly social club. We take pride in welcoming new members to the club, we also help new members to settle in quickly with other members, make new members feel at ease learning how to shoot clays even if they have never done so before.

As a club we are lucky enough to have fully trained Shooting Instructors, Level 1 Archery Instructors, Fully qualified BASC, CPSA, SCTA Safety Officers, fully qualified by CPSA Referees in Skeet, DTL, Sporting, ABT, Olympic Skeet, fully qualified CPO Officers, and even when we have a BBQ which we do frequently (apart from this year Covid-19) we have numerous qualified Food Hygiene members, and lastly we now have qualified Covid-19 Officers through Sport Scotland.

If you have been through the website and there is something you are not sure of please contact Jan

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