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A Constitution of the Scottish Country Sports Club (SCSC) adopted on the

4th day of January 2021


The title of the club shall be Scottish Country Sports Club aka SCSC.


The headquarters of the club shall be at the current secretary’s address.


The objects and aims of the club shall be to foster and encourage the support of clay

shooting, simulated game (clay pigeon), archery, air rifle target shooting, game shooting,

wildfowling, rough shooting, fishing, to arrange and organise practice shoots, to arrange

matches and competitions, both among members and affiliated clubs, and to improve the

standard of shooting and sporting among members.


The management committee of the club shall be composed of the Chairman,

Secretary, Treasurer, Shoot Coordinator, as well as 1/2 committee members, all of whom

shall have full voting powers, four of whom shall form a quorum. And new Officers posts

can be added with a majority vote from committee as Club gets bigger. However all

Committee members need to partake in decision making. Any committee member found

not to be helping with decisions etc will be asked to leave the committee so their position

can be filled with someone who will work.



The president post can only be held by an ex chair. The president has the power to
veto any decision of the committee for the good of the club


The committee shall have power to fill any vacancies during the current year, and shall

have power to form sub-committees as may be required for special purposes.
Any full member wishing to become a titled officer of the club must be prepared
to undertake the role as the previous canditate did to their full ability. Failure to do so
will result in them being removed from their post



All monies received on behalf of the club shall forthwith be paid into the account of the club

at the bank. The Treasurer plus Chair shall have power to draw on such account, and

no cheques shall be drawn by him/her unless previously sanctioned by a resolution of the

committee. No prizes or other articles shall be purchased or debts or liabilities incurred on

behalf of the club by a person without the previous sanction of a resolution of the



The annual subscription of the club shall be ……£45 Adult   £30 Jnr…….. per annum subject

review annually. The financial year of the club shall be from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.


All members fees must be paid by Dec 31st each year for the following years membership.

(between 1st Dec to 31st Dec is your payment period unless by prior arrangement).
New members will be serve 1 full year as a probationery member after this time they
will become a full member with full voting rights etc.


The committee shall have power to form such bye-laws as they consider will be

conducive to the good of the club and to the encouragement of the sports.
In interests of the club the committee reserves the right to refuse an application,  
remove a member or put a member on probation should said member have a licence
refused or revoked. This of course depends on said members situation


Any member whose subscription is unpaid on Jan 1st (beginning of new membership

year) shall not be allowed any of the privileges of membership (unless prior



The committee may strike out names of members whose

subscriptions are more than two months in arrears.


Members who leave the club for whatever reson cannot rejoin

within 12 calendar months and their new application will

be under committee consideration thereafter.


Any member may introduce no more than one guest at a time, with the exception

of an ex member who cannot be invited as a guest. A nominal fee may be

charged depending on activity, And prior notification may be required.


The committee shall be empowered to request the resignation of any member if it be

proved to their satisfaction that his/her conduct warrants it; and in the event of his/her

failing to resign, the committee may remove such member’s name without further notice.


The resolution calling upon a member to resign or remove his/her name from the list shall

be carried by votes of the majority of the members present and voting, notwithstanding

anything herein contained to the contrary as regards a quorum or otherwise. And no fees

will be refunded. This clause includes any committee members.


It is a condition of membership that the club will not be held responsible for any accident

and/or injury incurred by members or visitors, or property.


It is a requirement of all members to have their own Insurance in force at all times, and if

requested by Secretary may produce it.


If a committee member resigns from their post, they cannot be in the committee either

as an Officer or sub committee member for a period of 12 months.


All members are expected to conduct themselves in a cordial fashion; however, this

does not exclude a reasonable sense of humour.


Officers and Sub Committee members to serve up to 5 years. Unless circumstances force

their decision otherwise. After this term they can be re-elected back into their posts.


It is a condition of all members to abide by all conditions and rules of the club and not have

been ever prosecuted of any poaching offences or asked to leave any estate’s grounds etc.


All money raised by membership or fund raising is to be used in the daily running of the

club in any aspect the committee deem prevalent as well as on occasion subsidising events

of any activity in full or part., providing prizes at end of year for any competitions that have

been held throughout the year. The committee will ensure a fairness of distribution of funds

across all activities.


In the event of the Club being wound – up, the assets of the Club shall be liquidated and

any monies remaining after the settlement of all just debts shall be credited to RSPB. In the

event that the monies are insufficient to meet the debt incurred, all members shall bear

equal responsibility for the discharge of those debts.